Is Power BI living up to its name?

DataWhen it comes to Business Intelligence, Power BI is a fast becoming a ‘business-hold’ name. What is it about Power BI that adds ‘Power’ to business needs? This ‘Power’ is delivered in many layers, some not so obvious. Other than being a world leading suite of business analytics toolsto analyze data and share insights, with over 5 million subscribers, Power BI’s ‘power’, so to speak, can also be found in:

  1. a) the zero cost barrier
  2. b) the Power BI team’s development approach

Remember this image?

What a journey! If theimage is not familiar, then you probably have not been part of this evolution and missed out on the, then joy, of being able to do some awesome new things in Excel with the new add-in features coined ‘Power BI’. Then came the ‘new’ Power BI, with its blistering pace of development, I cannot think of any other Microsoft tools that offers this much business value within a zero price tag. If you’re open to discovering how easy it is to get unexpected value out of your data, download Power BI desktop for free, and ‘bring your data to life’. To get extraordinary value out of your data, you don’t even need to use the cloud service, which comes with a free and priced tier. In the free desktop version, you actually have access to data modelling and analysis tools which are not available in the priced cloud service. This is not a limited ‘free’ version of a world-class tool, you actually have the ‘whole hog’ free to use on your desktop.

The Power BI development team has indirectly given Microsoft, as a whole, a ton of extra kudos. Choosing to encourage and foster a sense of community, was a winning initiative. With the user’s voice service, and the constant addressing of feedback and suggestions, the Power BI team has shown that Microsoft can be viewed as a company that ‘listens’ to its users. This approach has definitely added to the ‘power’ of Power BI.

Focus exclusively on offering BI solutions using Power BI, there are already many companies that have partnered with Power BI. Data Bear, a new London based startuprecently took this plunged and hasn’t looked back since.“When you are backing by a product and development team this good, all that’s left to do is ride the wave”, says the Data Bear founder, Johann Joubert. “From building Microsoft service content packs for enterprises, to helping other new start-ups develop products which embeds the ‘power’ of Power BI into their custom apps, we have found that Power BI is simply a great fit for the increased demand for a modernand versatile BI tool”, adds Johann Joubert.

Here is an real example of one the Data Bear Power BI solutions that you can simply connect to your ERP data:

The Power BI we knew, and then loved, 12 months ago, is not the same Power BI we know and love today. Based on this and the product roadmap, the Power BI 12 months from now, will have even more ‘Power’. Thereby, it is safe to conclude, that Power BI is living up to its name… Well done to the Power BI team!


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