Buying Engagement Rings In Woodland Hills Ca

Engagement rings could be one of the most important purchases someone could ever make. They signify that the person wearing it is going to be married. Sometimes it can be the most important piece of jeweler a woman ever gets. When shopping for an engagement ring there are many choices out there to pick from. Walmart has a wonderful selection of cheaply priced engagement rings, as do many other retail stores such as Sears and K-Mart, but what if you want an engagement ring with a more personal message? Walmart and Sears might not be exactly what you are looking for. Of course, money is always an object when choosing an engagement ring, so what should you do if you live in Woodland Hills, California? Stores like Walmart and Sears might not have the brand, the designer or the set that you’re looking for, but chances are Dejaun Jewelers in California probably does. you live in this area there are many options to start shopping for an engagement ring, including Dejaun Jewelers.

Dejaun Jewelers opened in 1985, and quickly became recognized as the go-to destination for jewelry shopping in Westlake, California. By 2010, the business celebrated their 25th anniversary. They have been able to become such a successful business. The business has four locations, their original in Westlake, a second location in Sherman Oaks and a third in Thousand Oak. Their fourth location was opened in 1997, they called it Topanga Plaza. Dejaun’s hours are convenient at all of their locations, they are open seven days a week, until at least 7:45, 6:45 on Sundays, 8:45 at the latest. The great thing about buying an engagement ring from Dejaun Jewelers is that while buying an engagement ring, if you bypass large retailers, you also get to support small businesses in California.


DeJaun Jewelers proudly sells over twenty-five brands of jeweler, including sports, fashion and classic pieces. The Dejaun Website offers online browsing, that lets you narrow your search to specifically what you are looking for. With the filters they offer on their website, Dejaun Jewelers helps you find the exact ring that you’re looking for. Their filters make it easy to find the perfect ring, for the perfect price. Another perfect thing about Dejaun Jewelers is that you can view details from each ring and get a price quote online before seeing the ring in store. Dejaun is conveniently located around cities including Los Angeles and Encino, California.

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