Shop Beautiful Engagement Rings At Saskatoon Area

Even in Canada, Summer is the time to do it. The time to lock in that special someone. To make a promise to your other half that you will complete each other forever. If you’re in the Saskatoon area and you think you’ve found the one, you may want to make a trip downtown to shop beautiful engagement rings at GMG Jewellers. And if you need ideas for “the ask,” GMG Jewellers has 10 “romance consultants” to assist in that ever-so-important challenge. GMG Jewellers designs and crafts their own engagement rings, but also carry inventory from popular jewelry designers such as Henri Daussi and Tacori.

GMG Jewellers has over 1,000 engagement rings for you to choose from, so you may want to go into the store with some idea of what you want. Start with metal type: does your special someone seem to prefer gold, silver or platinum? Keep an eye on what this preference may be – for many men, it’s often something that goes unnoticed. Have you noticed your partner always wears another ring, that is either gold or silver? Open up the jewlery box – what do you see more of? Next, the stones. What cut of diamond would you prefer – something classic, like a round cut, or something more modern, like the princess cut? Finally, how personalized do you want to get? Choose now whether you would prefer to have the ring mounted with side stones, or whether you want to allow your partner to personalize the mounting later.

These days, jewelry designers can get very creative with the architecture and design of engagement rings, so it is important to keep an open mind, especially if you’re buying for someone who is a little more artistic, edgy, or just enjoys things done differently. The designer Claude Thibaudeau, a native Canadian known especially for his work with platinum, creates rings that coil in shapes like hearts, moving their way up the finger and giving it a multi-tiered look. Other designers create outside the box rings for outside the box people, while still retaining the engagement ring look, by doing different things with the ring’s band, such as woven metals or stones placed around the circumference of the ring itself. Last piece of advice: don’t forget that you still have to buy the bands. Consider taking a look at wedding sets, which include both the engagement ring and the wedding ring itself.

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