NBA scouts had long before been turning up at Oakland’s practices

NBA 2K17 MT Coins had long before been turning up at Oakland’s practices and games. When a player comes along that seems to be a combination of Spud Webb and Tiny Archibald (more on that comparison later), he’s bound to attract attention. Yet, having been invited to the NBA’s Draft Combine in Chicago earlier this month, Felder provided one more example of his astounding aeronautics with a 44-inch vertical leap, the second highest in the history of the combine.
“After my first jump, I thought to myself ‘I can get more,’ ” Felder said. “And I succeeded.”
If leaping ability were all Felder had going for him, well, the D-League is full of guys who can jump out of the gym. What makes Felder unique is his ability to score and pass. No one is saying he’s the next Tiny Archibald, but the numbers Felder racked up this year (24.4 points, 9.3 assists), bring to mind Archibald’s landmark 1972-73 season, when he became the first player in NBA history to lead the league in scoring and  .