Why E-Commerce Companies Hire A Commendable Affiliate Tracking Application

E-commerce Business Moves Like a Rocket

Globe is moving more into the digital territory each and every day. According to renowned marketing research firm 25-40% of a business’s contributions are a straight result of E-commerce and that number is expected to increase fast over the coming years. With the rising impact of the digital marketing affecting the way business is done, now is the time to start thinking about an affiliate solution provider.

Why E-commerce Players Need an Affiliate Tracking Application?

E-commerce Affiliate tracking application can be hugely successful for Ecommerce ad-networks. Advertisers and affiliates are also benefited from it. Every successful affiliate tracking application has one thing in common: it is managed effectively. E-commerce advertisers distribute offers through one or more established networks. Affiliates promote their offers in their site and they monetize by taking the portion of the commission. To track all affiliates activities, creating multiple pay out conditions through e-commerce parameters, tracking conversions with flexibilities, creating Real time report, they need an affiliate solution provider.

Stay Up To Date with Advanced Technology

E-commerce business is very competitive and people are always coming up with new techniques. Therefore, try to stay with the new technology or technologies and market trends otherwise you will fall behind.

Choose an Accurate and Advanced Affiliate Tracking Application

Not all affiliate tracking applications are created equivalently. Normally prevalent affiliate tracking applications require advanced capabilities to be competitive and deliver a costs-effective ROI. The high quality affiliate tracking application mechanizes vital processes — such as tracking, reporting, conversions, and payment of affiliates.  So choose affiliate tracking application carefully by which E-commerce players run their campaigns smoothly. Hence it is vital to decide specific needs and potential pain points need to solve before hiring an affiliate tracking application.

Features To Look For a Commendable Affiliate Tracking Application

Affiliate tracking application comes with diverse features and functionalities. Below are numerous features that E-commerce ad-networks should look out for while choosing affiliate tracking application.

Easy set up  

A good affiliate tracking application requires an easy set up process. There should be no need to download any plug-in or tool for the application to work. Everything should be in built.

White Label Solution

A high quality affiliate tracking application should provide the flexibility to amend the interface to your liking that will replicate the style of the product. You should add your logo, and even use your own domain name for the application.

Exhaustive list of E-commerce Parameters

The commendable affiliate tracking application introduces 26 E-commerce parameters which can be tracked during a conversion process. Different types of conditions can be added through exhaustive list of parameters like Brand Name, Gross Price, and Order Discount and so on. By using different types of parameters ad-networks or advertisers get more flexibility for tracking and affiliates get attracted with this. It generates more affiliates, more traffic, more sales, more payout and more profit. It provides Flexible Payout Rules which help to create proper affiliate payout.

Multiple Payout Conditions

Generally E-commerce ad-networks run numerous campaigns and they always want to create different types of multiple conditions for affiliate’s payment. The commendable affiliate tracking application should provide multiple payout conditions option very robustly. Because incorrect payment structure not only exhausts traffic but also affiliates.

Multiple Creatives

For affiliates to effectively promote their product or service, they need creative. There should be several ways to promote, especially in this type of marketing technique. Thus, an affiliate tracking application should provide users the ability to develop Image Banner, Flash Banner, HTML Ad, and Text Link and so on.

Effective Tracking Even Without Cookies

As technology continues to develop, E-commerce ad-networks are leaving cookies behind and rotating to Server to Server cookie-less tracking technology. Server to Server conversion tracking does not rely on cookies, this is because cookies can be cleared, expired or never stored on the user’s browser to begin with. An advantage of Server to Server technology is accurateness. Post-back tracking is generally the best option for implementing highly accurate tracking solution. So a high quality tracking application should provide effective tracking even without cookies.

Real Time Reporting

Report is the key for E-commerce ad-networks. Without report they are facing problems. They don’t see impression, click and conversion reports and so on. The commendable affiliate tracking application should provide a robust reporting feature by which E-commerce ad network runs a report without any confusion. Affiliates should also view the report from their own panel. The report should come in a very comprehensive fashion.


Good affiliate tracking application should provide billing option which should be immensely flexible and provide numerous advantages that you won’t get with any other basic application; they include Affiliate Billing, Auto Generated Billing, Advertiser Billing, Tax, Fixed commission, Adjustment and many more.

Free Trial Period

A free trial period is an awfully useful way for potential customers to get an idea on how to use the affiliate tracking application and to give them a glance of how useful the application is.


An affiliate solution provider should offer 24/7 support through different methods.


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