Vender, the New Seamless and Intuitive Lead Management App for Salespeople

Experience hassle-free prospect tracking and analysis while on the go

Optimind Technology Solutions brings out a new innovative tool for modern salespersonnel – with emphasis on lead tracking and analysis to foster speed and efficiency per transaction. Launched just January 26 of this year, the Vender app (or simply Vender) has continually provided support for users when it comes to tracking leads, customizing activity logs and enhancing direct prospect communications.

Vender also prides itself for its clean and user-friendly interface that ditches off the clutters a lot of business people have problems on.  Its lightweight built makes it a  lovely companion for  salesmen who are always on the go and wants to have a tool for monitoring leads while away from their office desks.

The app’s segregation-capable inbox also makes  it easier for users to pin point which among the leads coming in the system are of high and low value. From this, it then becomes easier to create a personalized activity log detailing appointment schedules, lead details and all of its relevant information that could help the business get quality leads  – that is, with higher sale conversion percentage.

As a venture committed to helping businesses foster in their own industry, Optimind understands the importance of minimizing the cost while keeping the quality of service and trust of clients intact. Vender is a tool developed to help individual business entities become more effective in finding potential customers along the wide market arena – and of course, encouraging them to stay.

It’s equipped with an inclusive notification feature that alerts users for any lead that demands their immediate attention. Moreover, the app keeps a complete history of the communications you did with a prospect, thus, making it faster to analyze what vital information has been exchanged.

More benefits are available on the app’s Premium version that highlights automatic cloud sync feature for securing your lead information away from prying eyes. Other advanced functions like the graphic web-based summary reports and secure API access are also available.

Looking ahead, Vender is seen to be a leading mobile-friendly companion for salespeople who are committed to giving their prospects the quality service they deserve. It’s seen as a solution to the growing demand for effective business management especially to users who are juggling more than two responsibilities at work.

Using this highly customizable tool,  users will always be reminded of the appointments they have on schedule. Whether you are a freelance recruiter or a full time sales personnel and marketer, having this tool on board your phone wherever you go will help. It function 24/7 and provides users with real-time notifications to keep their prospect stream active round-the-clock.

The developers see Vender as a sustainable mobile tool that delivers tangible benefits by attracting actual customers worldwide. For salespeople who find it hard to gather quality leads, this app offers a handy solution.

Optimind Technology Solution makes Vender available for free download at Google Play Store and Apple Store on its most recent and upgraded 1.2 version.