Player to player trade is unchanged from black desert

Player to player trade is unchanged from  Black desert iteams   , and is limited to consumable items only.

Lanterns have been added to Merchant NPC’s. Purchased lanterns have a maximum duration of 60 minutes.
Health potions have a 5 second cooldown.

Calpheon has been unlocked.
Illya Island has been unlocked.
Pirate Island is unavailable.

Nights are now darker.
Snow and Windstorms have been added.
Localization has been improved, across all aspects of gameplay.
Optional Chat Filter has been added.
Character Outline/Silhouette Options have been added.

Custom Quick Slots
Quick slots allow a player to set up a specific hotkey to activate items or skills without using up their hotbar.
In order to activate this feature, go into “Settings” and check the box next to Quick Slots.
To add an item or skill to a Quick Slot, drag it into any position desired on your screen. A menu will appear, allowing you to set the desired hotkey to activate that  .