to rename its website as a means to create brand continuity in years to come

London, UK  31st May, 2016 – has said that it wants to start a process of renaming its website as a way of creating what it terms as brand continuity and awareness over the long term future the company will be offering services to people. says that a name change was not considered during its rebranding strategy meeting but due to some expert recommendations and the extent of its success in the sector, it will be nice to include it in the plan. However, the PhD proposal writer has said that it will not reveal the chosen name until a later date when the launch plan will already be in place. agrees that there is a lot of value it attaches to the name as it currently sits and the end product will of course need to be better than what is already there. However, many believe that with the right expertise and good will, it will be possible for the firm to find just the right name.

There is also the risk of failing to popularize the name enough. has said that this is something it is fully aware off and when the time comes, the mba dissertation proposal writer agrees that it will put together resources and campaigns that will ensure the transition from the name as it is to the new name that will be chosen soon is as good as it can get.

Success in PhD dissertation does not come easy and for firms such as, their ability to be consistent and deliver even in difficult circumstances is what really changes the game. In all cases, the provider will still be the best and you can benefit a lot from its expertise by visiting its main website at

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