Disruptive Calgary Start-up Embraces Opportunity During Downturn

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Calgary, AB – Due to the tough economic headwinds facing all Albertans, right now every company is having to look at their bottom line to be as nimble as possible in an ever evolving financial landscape. Some companies are being forced to restructure, thousands of talented people are now looking for work and the race to diversify the Cowtown economy is on. It truly has been a tough time for many Albertans but just like our forefathers, that western pioneering spirit is still alive!

Everyone knows that Alberta likes to do things a bit differently and in that vein, a small startup has vowed to help diversify the economy by disrupting the Recruitment Industry. Having listened to employers, employees and the market, they hope to drive down costs and break down the barriers for people looking for work and employers looking for talent.

1010 Recruitment would like to introduce IncruitX, an entirely new way for companies to find talent. The market is demanding low costs and high efficiency and that is what IncruitX delivers. For just $10,000, IncruitX will arrange for a full-time, highly trained headhunters to physically sit in your office and work on any of your company’s hard to fill vacancies. 100% dedicated to your business and at your service 40 hours per week, this truly is the Uber of Recruitment.

According to co-founder Will van Middendorp, companies often wonder why it takes so long for them to be presented with quality candidates when they engage with an external recruitment partner. Having been in the recruitment industry for many years himself, Will says: “Agencies focus on multiple roles at the same time meaning they have less time to find candidates for the roles they have taken on which increases the time to hire. By having one of our Incruit Xperts onsite, you get to call the shots having them work on only the roles you want filled. This dramatically reduces expensive agency fees, increases quality and reduces time to fill. All this combined with our proactive flat-fee recruitment service will save the company tens of thousands of dollars.”

1010 Recruitment’s Incruit Xperts will work as an extension of a companies’ HR / Sourcing team so they can focus on their core business. IncruitX is a consultative and highly customizable recruitment approach that can be implemented on a monthly basis. There is no need in setting up long term contracts or handing over the full recruitment function to an external partner. 1010’s Incruit Xperts come with their own IT, phone and suite of sourcing software. All that is required from the client is a desk and eagerness to save money.

The investment for engaging the services of IncruitX is $10k which gives you:

  • One month (160 hours) of dedicated focus on your hard to fill roles from within your office
  • Unhindered access to the progress of the search(es)
  • Faster and better results
  • A proactive recruitment / headhunting approach that includes the first hire per month!

About 1010 recruitment

1010 represents the future of how companies can go about acquiring talent. Their high quality consultancy service is specifically tailored to suit any company’s requirements. Like their contract, 1010’s branding is black and white and the name represents the ones and zeroes of a digital age where all other vendors are analogue. By working with 1010 you get a talent search and selection partner that is finally as up to date as the cell phone in your pocket and the software on your tablet.

To learn more about 1010 and IncruitX  please visit www.1010recruit.com.


Will van Middendorp (co-Founder) – 1.403.604.4334 or

Paul Chisholm (Business Development Manager) – 1.587.700.1070