Agent: Dejean-Jones in ‘wrong place’ when NBAgames


NBA 2K17 MT Coins— Bryce Dejean-Jones had a bright future in the NBA, the league commissioner
said following the death of the New Orleans Pelicans guard who was shot after kicking down
the door of what he mistakenly thought was his girlfriend’s apartment in Dallas.
The death of the promising 23-year-old player rattled the league over the long weekend and
raised questions about what led up to the shooting.
Dallas police said Sunday they would not have more information about the incident until
after the holiday and did not answer The Associated Press’ question regarding whether the
man who shot Dejean-Jones would face charges. It is legal in Texas for people to use deadly
force to protect themselves from intruders.
Dejean-Jones’ father told Los Angeles station KCBS-TV that his son was tenacious.
“He has had so many things that have happened to him along his path,” said K.C. Jones at his
home in Inglewood, California, where Dejean-Jones grew up. “He made up his mind that he
wanted to do what he was doing – play pro ball. And whatever it took, he was going to get
there. He was going to  .”