Types of Loft Conversions York

There is an increased need for more space among home owners and it comes as no surprise that most of them are interested in the most cost-effective way to find more space. Loft Conversions York are appealing to home owners because they are budget friendly and they are easy to build. To find out whether your house qualifies for Loft Conversions in York you can go ahead and contact specialists in this field.

The first step towards planning a loft conversion is to decide which type of conversion suits your needs best. This decision will be influenced by the type of roof you have, the purpose of the loft and your budget. It is useful to know that you can select from internal Loft Conversions York, dormer loft conversions and loft conversions that need a full removal and build. Internal conversions are cheap to build and they require minimum intervention. Dormer conversions are the most popular because they provide significant additional space, while full and removal conversions offer home owners the highest degree of flexibility; these are also the most complex and expensive.

Internal Loft Conversions York are suitable for individuals who are on a budget; the contractors you hire for this task will convert the existing space and they will make little alterations to the roof space. If you decide to choose such a conversion, you will have to install a window set into the current roof slope, insulate the loft and strengthen the floor. Dormer conversions will cost you more, as they are a bit more complicated. These conversions offer full head height and they can transform your lift into one or two extra bedrooms, a home office a nursery, etc.

There are various types of dormer Loft Conversions in York you can select from: single dormer, side dormer, hip-to-gable, full width dormer and L-shaped dormer. The single dormer will increase the available space , the side dormer is used to increase head height for houses that have a hipped roof, the hip-to-gable dormer requires the installation of a gable wall. Moving on, the full width dormer is a wonderful option and it offers home owners the most space, while the L-shaped one is usually popular on Victorian properties.

Last, you can choose Loft Conversions in York that require a complete removal and rebuild. If you decide to go for this version you can either have a mansard conversion or a pre-fabricated loft. Mansard conversions require planning permission and they are usually used when the original roof had no headroom, while the pre-fabricated loft is a suitable option when the vertical space inside the roof is limited. As you can see, selecting a loft conversion that meets your requirements is not that easy because you have various options. If you have second thoughts you should contact experienced contractors and let them advise you.

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