announces its backing for the new CEO and the measures he has put in place to keep quality service high

London, UK 29th May, 2016 – has announced that it is backing its new CEO fully and the strategies he is putting in place to transform the company. The statement was released yesterday during a media briefing on the progress the provider has made so far.

Although some people in the sector have termed some of the decisions at as somewhat controversial,  there is no doubt the paraphraser sees the value of each strategy and has said it will work very hard to ensure the long term success of the CEO and whatever he has put in place is indeed realized.

There is a new shift in professional paraphrasing services. People are strongly becoming conversant with the kind of quality that should be paid for and one of the major plans the new CEO has put in place is to give customers great value for money when they use its online paraphrasing tool.

The other important plan is dealing with competitors. The methods that the new CEO has termed as somewhat unconventional but the truth is they are working. This is the main reason why and the entire board have expressed their backing and even with the continued progress the paraphrasing service provider is making, this unbound support will remain in place for the better.

The appointment of a CEO was done last month and during this time, was looking for better ways to distinguish itself from the rest in the business. So far, the new CEO is getting this right and you can paraphrase anything online using the firm. For more information you are more than welcomed to go to and see exactly how the provider works.

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