How loft conversions can increase property value

One of the most popular and effective ways to add more space to your home is loft conversions. It is an ideal way to renovate and add an extra room when you can’t afford to make an extension on the ground floor due to many reasons. It is the best way to move up your property without having to move out of your house. Moving into a bigger house can be very expensive these days and it is advisable to get a home extension instead. New builds have a lot of property value because a home that has been newly built or newly renovated has the power of durability.


Should you decide to sell your house later on, loft conversions will attract potential buyers. The complete conversion process which consists of a new staircase leading up to a new room, is a financial investment because buyers will be drawn to it. However, if you simply add a storage space through a loft conversion it will not work as home improvement and therefore not increase property value as much. Making big changes is what helps you in the future. The sustainability of new builds is what makes the house attractive. Modern houses are more likely to adhere to government guidelines and be more energy efficient.


To make proper loft conversions and increase your chances financially, you need to make sure that you have proper loft space to make the renovations possible. Older houses may not have the required beams in the loft area. This means you would need to add a proper floor in order to make the conversion happen. The costs of the remodelling will depend on the kind of loft space you want to design. Increasing the space might be trickier but it is less costly because there is no foundation to be laid like a ground floor extension. New builds will ensure lower utility and maintenance bills because the new homes are six times more efficient than old properties.


Natural lighting is important in loft conversions when you are planning to add a new bedroom. This will definitely be a plus point because artificial lighting in bedrooms is not very desirable. You can consider adding windows on the roof to make this possible. Buying new builds is easy because you will be able to sell your old property while moving into the new one. This is called a part exchange scheme where you move into your new house and the developer takes your old one and sells it off.


As buyers prefer to buy new builds and not second hand homes that easily, any kind of remodelling which is a significant renovation will work in your favour by increasing the value of your house when you put it on the market. This is why loft conversions are an effective way to assist you financially when the time comes. It is a less costly version of an extension that adds space easily and it also adds a new element to your property.

One of the most effective ways to add space to your home is loft conversions. Buyers are attracted to new builds because of sustainability.