Sadhana Clothing is donating $1 per item sold during the month of may to the 109world organization

27th May, 2016 – Sadhana Clothing’s primary commitment is to provide our customers with the most comfortable clothing and sportswear, but just as important to us is to make the world a better place and put our resources towards goodwill projects. That’s why we’re announcing a new undertaking for the month of May: that for each item we sell, we’ll donate $1 to the 109World Organization. Furthermore we’ll be designing and releasing 109World Organization Special Edition Yoga Pants, where 100% if the proceeds will be donated to 109World. Like us, 109World Organization is committed to making people’s lives better in more ways than one, and they dedicate their efforts towards social and environmental projects for people all around the globe. On top of this is spreading the word of mindfulness, Yoga, meditation, and other methods of mental enrichment. This aim is also ours: we work to spread these ideas through our products and through our outreach efforts, and in coordination with 109World Organization we’re able to do this more successfully than ever.

Sadhana Clothing has from the beginning been dedicated to mindfulness and the Yoga lifestyle, and we’re now more committed than ever to do this in every way possible. We believe that we can spread these ideas by giving people the clothing and equipment to fulfill themselves, but we also know that there’s more we can do. Our cooperation with 109World Organization is about finding new ways to help people, new ways to ensure that people have access not just to things like Yoga and mindfulness but the simple necessities of life. It’s crucial to remember that as universal and helpful as these things are, other things must come along with them to achieve the world and the community that we all wish to see. This is where goodwill projects can have tremendous value to extend the reach and enhance the lives of people regardless of the resources they have access to. The most important thing is to do whatever we can to ensure that people always have the means to live healthy lives, and we’re working to accomplish this for people everywhere.

Working with 109World is an important step for our company towards truly embodying the values that we believe, and towards working in multiple ways to improve people’s lives. The same dedication that we put into the quality of our products we put towards the quality of life of all people, and goodwill is something that spreads just like Yoga and mindfulness does. With our initiative for the month of May to donate $1 per sold item and our special edition 109World Organization Yoga Pants we’re now taking a more active role than ever. Sadhana isn’t just about making products of earning profit, we’re about more even than comfort and high quality products but about a style of life, a means by which we can truly make a difference. With the help of our customers and the Sadhana community we can all get involved, and we can break down barriers and borders around the world to transcend business and extend into wellbeing. The stronger our commitment and the support of our customers, the more difference we can make and the more impact our practices can have.

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