Rediscover Yourself Through Master Hanz Cua’s Feng Shui

“Feng Shui is a living skill. There is an undeniable art to it, It is scientific; it is mathematical an at times, it is logical—with an element of magic”

Although many people have voiced out their skepticism over the probity of horoscopes and the effectiveness of feng shui, it is undeniable that the subtle art involved in having the stars and zodiacs determine the course of our lives (and in many ways our multilayered paths to our fates and destinies) have a certain allure to them. For some, feng shui, zodiac and horoscopes are what they would readily dismiss as improbable as they think something as indeterminable as our fates could not be mapped out simply by the formation of the stars during our births, nor will any positioning of our homes in any way directly affect how we invite energy to our homes. Naysayers, as these people may be, a particular flair for reading the stars and inviting good feng shui at home can be life changing and you may just find yourself surprised as to how it would make a big difference in yours. To begin your journey in traversing what the stars have in store for you, try visiting Master Hanz Cua who is stationed in the Philippines. Gifted at a very young age, Master Hanz Cua was already certain that he was a psychic. He has the extraordinary gift of reading people through their faces and seeing through his third eye. To complement his remarkable and extraordinary gifts, he studied to become a Feng Shui Master after which he obtained a diploma as Feng Shui Master Practitioner where he specializes in Feng Shui, Bazi or Chinese Astrology and Zi Wei Dou Shu (Emperor Purple Star Astrology) which focuses in the area of decoding a person’s life path and destiny through the use of their birth date and birth time.

Not contented with his local studies, Master Cua continued to hone and sharpen his skills through the various feng shui grandmasters in Thailand, China, Singapore, Burma and Hong Kong. As a result of his rigorous study and his wide knowledge of this ancient and powerful  art, Master Cua has his status elevated to that of a Sage. In turn, his years of study has allowed him to garner high respect and unlimited admiration and insurmountable appreciation from his many clients—who themselves have flourishing businesses, careers, and personal lives. He has since then been dubbed as the youngest Feng Shui Master in the Philippines and Asia”. In this regard, his clients can be assured that Master Hanz has the aura of prosperity and possesses the ancient wisdom of the mystical arts. He can vastly comprehend a client’s problems and in all aspects: spiritually, mentally and emotionally. He is not only trained in the area of Feng Shui but in developing his intuition and ESP as well. As he is an accomplished Taro-reader, he regularly conducts classes in tarot readings abroad and locally.

So, if you are looking for a bit more insight into your path in life, or your path in general in whatever aspect that may be, take a brief gander of his site for more information: