Of All Maid AgencIes, Why Trust Maid Provider?

There are actually hundreds to thousands of maid agencies in the Philippines. Perhaps, some of you here might not be able to recognize some of them. Plus the thought of finding trustworthy maids can also be daunting and frustrating on our part, especially when we need them badly or ASAP. Agree? However, if there is someone who you can trust when it comes to finding the right maid for you, you might as well choose maid provider for that. Perhaps, some of you here might wonder and ask, of all maid agencies, why trust maid provider? Well, you may one of them too.

Basically, maid provider is a maid agency that implements psychological screening on its maids. That means, there will be no applicant that can be qualified as a maid when there will be no physical and psychological screening on them. Of course, this is to make sure that every maid is going to be on its best fit mentally and physically. When it comes to its tests, professional doctors in Manila Doctors Hospital are the ones who can ensure that hiring a maid would be on its good mental state.

Before you can be a maid, there are actually three steps or process you need to take up. To be a maid, you need to 1. Pass their strict standards for you to be qualified, 2. Risk-based background investigation and 3. Comprehensive hands-on training. However, if you cannot pass these steps or stages, you might not be able to be selected as a professional maid for the company.

After an applicant undergone training and seminar on what and what not to do when it comes to their respective jobs, they will be given a copy of the most comprehensive yet most practical maid & Yaya training manual. That means, there will be no reason for them not to be equipped with the things they need to do as a maid and to have their work done professionally.

Potential maids are able to learn on how to answer the phone correctly, the right way to do the laundry, what and what not to do when it comes to injuries and accidents, what to do when it comes to fire accidents and other important things a maid should know. And of course, as their client, you also have the chance to pick and have the maid of your choice.

What’s more good about trusting maid provider is that they allow you to avail two replacements within 3 months from hiring the original maid. Of course, that is in any case you do not like the way your previous maid do their job. You also have the right to complain about such matter. Moreover, if you are disappointed with their services, they will also give you the refund of 75% of what you paid within 50 days from request.