Live Well and Come Home To…Alveo! Where Wellness Meets Living

Vibrant neighborhoods, ingenious and groundbreaking living solutions, carefully planned and meticulously carried out communities, Alveo Land Development fulfills the promise of guaranteeing each of their residents an avenue for living differently yet maintaining the same core needs essential to every neighborhood.

With an array of various properties erected, Alveo Land Corporation envisions providing every Filipino an access for living well. Their signature tagline, “Welcome Home to Living Well” is stemmed from the word “Salveo” whose Latin counterpart would mean “to be well” and from this alone it is very much evident that this leading developer of neighborhoods and communities delivers the guarantee of innovating the way the modern Filipino lives. Their singular vision is to provide each of their residents a place for living well through their various properties. To carry out their company’s vision and mission, they adhere to the commitment in improving customer experience through an innovative and value creating development with a particular vision of providing each potential resident of this upscale market the life they deserve while they ensure that they adapt to their needs. This is truly a place where individuals are nurtured and their hard-earned investments are in good hands.

Today, Alveo Land has innumerable properties erected and offers an expansive variety of holistic communities which are all equipped with relevant, necessary and thoughtfully-designed amenities all complemented with customer-focused services—all of which ensures that they deliver their promise well: that every single one of their residents and en-users live well. An attestation to their passion in pioneering novel and innovative real estate projects and developments as well as for founding superior real estate properties, Alveo Land proudly built well-designed developments and flourishing commmunities such as Verdana Homes Mamplasan, Verdana Village Center, Two Serendra, The Columns Ayala Avenue, Verdana Homes Bacoor and Celadon Residences. And to further cement their success in being the Philippines lead developer, Alveo Land won several major awards in the recent Philippine Property Awards last 2015 where Solinea was considered the Best Condominium Development in Cebu which was complemented with a back-to-back win with the same award but this time in Davao for Abreeza Residences. Of course, Luzon had a share of the limelight too as their signature project Kroma Tower which is located in Makati was highly commended in the Best Mid-Range Condominium Development Category. These accomplishments, awards and achievements are incredibly demonstrative of Alveo Land’s exemplary service to its residents, end users and potential buyers—a real guarantee to providing their residents an avenue for top-notch, lush and unique living.