Fancy clone to launch your online shopping cart

A social advanced multi vendor ecommerce script from appkodes for the entrepreneurs who wants to commence online shopping cart. This ebusiness model suits the entrepreneurs who focus b2b type of business. A perfect fancy clone with multi vendor marketplace functionality.

Many of them have a dilemma, what is social ecommerce site? Social ecommerce is nothing but a eCommerce medium where we can do social activities viz save,like, comment, share, hashtag, @mention, status update, etc… In internet many social ecommerce script are available, choosing the best ecommerce site depends upon the knowledge you have about ecommerce script. Fantacy is the best social ecommerce script available in internet.

How you can make money with fantacy? Fantacy is a clone of fancy where seller, sells their product and buyer can choose their product and buy. In this clone script, it’s easy to list out the product by color, price and category. The website owner can get money by commision for each order and get more revenue by making the product as feature, adding banner of a product in home page etc.

Fantacy script can be used for various type of industries such as electronics, clothings, toys, leather, etc.. This clone script is easily customizable for each and every industries. Fancy clone script has more secure payment process. If there is any dispute between buyer and seller, in the multivendor marketplace it is easily report to admin.

Fantacy is a mulit language and multilingual support script, thus it is suitable for native market also. Here some features of fantacy, Group gift : Gift to your loved one/friend  by a group of friends,  Gift card   : Send gift card as money to your loved one/ friend. Coupons: to avail discount.

To launch your dream eCommerce business to customize it your ideas pick fantacy from appkodes, where you can get reliable support to fulfil your eCommerce dreams.