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SalonRestore® is the largest online retail store of hair dye removal. We sell salon products online in the cheaper range all cross the country. Salonrestore instantly penetrated, lifted and diminished right in front of my eyes without effecting color of the rest of the material or any color pattern. Salonrestore stain remover is bleach free and ammonia free. This is not harmful for the skin.

Our colorist and his chemists sought to figure out once and for all! After more than three years of testing and development we finally stumbled upon the solution. SalonRestore® is a revolutionary new product that’s designed to de-oxidize and break down any type of hair color stain on hard and soft surfaces, quickly and easily. Our Trade Secret ‘DyeSolve Technology’ is blended with the perfect amount of surfactant at just the right pH. Use SalonRestore® at your Station, Sink, Back-Bar, Color Bar, Floors, Tiles, Counter Tops, Trolleys and Carts, and now even on Clothing to remove your worst hair color stains. Even Stains that are weeks or months old can still be removed with SalonRestore®.

Today’s clients are very savvy – that’s why we, as salon professionals, have to be one step ahead of our client’s expectations. And now, with SalonRestore®, the Salon is better than ever… and that’s something your clients will notice!

Salon Restore is safe for your water pipes and drains, and our bottles are #2 plastic so it’s easy to recycle! When we must use paper we choose to print on paper that contains the highest percentage of post-consumer recyclables available.We have various numbers of product in different sizes. Our products are Eco- friendly and in the budget. Salonrestore blood stain removal is capable in removing in blood stain and old blood stain too.

For new or old blood stain removal, Salon Restore is simply amazing. Blood Stains start to fade on contact. And for Ink Stain Removal, Juice Stain Removal, and Red Wine Stain Removal, SalonRestore’s bleach free and alcohol free formula is perfect since you can use it on colors and patterns.

How can Salon Restore work so well? Simple! Salon Restore is formulated for the toughest salon dye stains. In the professional salon, salon dye stains are a constant aggravation. The revolutionary professional stain removing power of Salon Restore makes it easy to remove salon dye stains, and it works like magic on old blood stains for blood stain removal, for ink stain removal, and for the removal of juice stains, wine stains, and many other stains too!

Our many consumers are using stain removal and we are getting positive response from them. Stain removal is not an easy task but our team made that very easy like as by using our hair dye stain removal or blood stain removal you can remove stains from clothes in just a few minutes vary easily.