Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (H.R.T.O.) proceeds with case against Sudbury lawyer Peter Best

For Immediate Release

Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (H.R.T.O.) proceeds with case against Sudbury lawyer Peter Best.

Peter Best has confirmed the H.R.T.O. is proceeding with a complaint made against him via a summary hearing to be conducted at a forthcoming date. Mr. Best who practices in Sudbury and Espanola wrote and disseminated an essay on the website for his legal practice which is alleged to advocate the cultural genocide of Aboriginal Canadians and purports negative racist stereotypes of Native and Jewish people.

Mr. Best first garnered media attention in the National Post and Sudbury Star when Barbara Kay wrote an article defending him and his essay. Ms Kay attacked The Law Society of Upper Canada calling it a “Kangaroo Court” after a dossier was opened due to having received multiple complaints about Mr. Best and his essay.

The article directed readers to an altered version of the essay, Ms. Kay later admitted she never read the essay in full. A link to the original essay can be found below.

Mr. Best is quoted in the article boasting he disseminated the essay on his website “to ensure potential clients were aware of his views to avoid future awkwardness”.

In Ontario it is a violation of human rights to refuse or dissuade the use of service based on race.

The complaint filed in January by Steven Timothy Bryant is in regards to the handling of his late father’s estate to which Mr. Best is acting as the estate trustee. Mr. Bryant’s mother is a First Nations band member of Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg

Mr. Best has responded by informing the beneficiaries he will be billing the Bryant estate for his time dealing with the H.R.T.O.

For further information including copies of the correspondence from the H.R.T.O and Mr. Best please contact Gary Leung at or 1- 778 227 3385