Why a Front Lace Wig Should be the Only Option

There are many reasons why you may need to buy a front lace wig, or indeed, any type of wig; it may be necessary following medical treatment, an accident or even a hair condition.  Whatever the reason the front ace wig offers the perfect solution.  The wig earns its name from the fact that it is made on a bed of lace.  In the case of the front lace wig it is lace at the front with either synthetic or human hair sewn onto it.  The rest of the wig is made of more traditional materials and will be stronger than the front lace section.

Front lace wigs cannot be used if you are creating a hairstyle which pulls the hair back and together; such as a pony tail.  This will instantly make it obvious that you are wearing a wig.  However, a lace wig is the best option as it allows you to create your own hair style.

The combination of a lace front and a traditional back part of your wig allows you to have both durability and the freedom to style your hair.  The lace base is glued to your scalp and can stay in place for several weeks; even with shampooing and styling.

Sassy Secret (http://www.sassysecret.com/articles.asp?ID=131) goes one step further and uses Swiss lace in their wigs to help create a natural looking hairline.  The cap (which sits on your head) is adjustable and fully stretchable to ensure it fits your head perfectly.  This design, combined with the fact that the wig is only partially lace, allows Sassy Secret to minimize the cost and make the front lace week a viable, cost effective alternative to the full lace wig.  You can purchase an off the shelf product or have one custom made; depending upon your budget and your needs.

About Sassy Secret

Sassy secret has been designing and developing its own line of wigs for many years.  They believe in creating products of the finest possible quality and offering the very best customer service.  The firm offers a range of products which ensures that everyone should be able to afford one, no matter what their budget.

They are committed to using only top quality human hair, or the very best synthetic alternative.  Alongside this they are at the forefront of new and innovative designs for the wigs, caps and methods of holding them in place; no matter what situation you find yourself in.  They also have a very strict quality control procedure to ensure you are getting the finest product possible.  To find out more visit www.sassysecret.com or call them on 816-479-5295.