Enhancing racial tolerance through the Black History Tour London

There are various ways of celebrating black history and the African American experience, one of these ways is through a tour of Black History museums. The experience of a Black History Tour London helps to enhance the lives of visitors through their acquired knowledge. Guided Tours London also serves to create understanding and tolerance between the black race and other races.

There are various tours in various cities of the world which are focused on Black history and culture. This is because Black people have been part of the fabric of these various cities and have helped to form the culture and tradition of the cities. Taking a Black History Tour London ensures that the tourist rediscovers the involvement of the Black population, their sufferings and their joys.

In London, for instance, the Guided Tours London takes the tourist on a journey of self realization. It explores and investigates the marks the Black people have left on the British culture. Tourists are taken to the National Portrait Gallery, where they meet Blacks who were forerunners in the abolition of the slave trade. Through pictures and artifacts, the tourist was introduced to the life of the typical Black man in the 18th century. The popular questions answered include what the fate of the black man after the abolition of slavery was and if there was any compensation for the slaves or the slave owners. Tourists are informed about the apartheid regime in South Africa and how London contributed to bringing it to an end.

Black History tours in Alexandria and Virginia take you to The Alexandria Black History Museum, which lays relevance on the accomplishments and history of African Americans who lived and are living in Alexandria. Tourists are invited to celebrate the African American experience in America by examining paintings, books, photographs and other artifacts which project the African American experience in Alexandra and Virginia from 1749 to the present day. The museum building was once a Black public library. It houses the permanent collection of the library. The tourists encounter sculptures produced by Jerome Meadows for the Alexandria African American Heritage Park is and a whole collection of 3,000 artifacts including religious objects.

In Texas, we meet iconic figures like Arthur ‘Jack’ Johnson, who made a name for himself in the world of boxing. He won the heavyweight boxing title in 1908, even at that time when racial tensions were high. Later on, Johnson invented a new type of wrench. Another person was Bessie Coleman, who was the first woman aviator and the first black aviator. She was known for travelling the nation teaching other black women to fly.

The average person has no idea that George Washington Carver, Charles Drew and Booker T. Washington are black men who have changed the face of the world today. Others are Garret Morgan, who invented the stop light, John Standard who invented the refrigerator, John Burr, who invented the lawn mower and a host of others.

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