Skype Pose limitation on the Amount of Transferred Files

The official website of the technical support of the popular VoIP-service Skype reported on changes in the exchange of files between users of the algorithm.


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The good news is that from now on all files sent through Skype sync to all user devices. In practice, this means that if you, for example, transfer files to a Skype desktop client, you can also access it from your smartphone or tablet, after logging into your account with these devices. In addition, now all transferred files are uploaded to the server, which stores within 30 days.


The bad news however is the fact that now the maximum size of the transferred data is only 100MB. If a user tries to upload a file larger then immediately see an error message. From this situation there is, at least two ways out: either to split the file into multiple files at 100 MB and send them to the recipient separately, either use the services of Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage.


Meanwhile, at the beginning of May, the number of downloads of different versions of Skype applications for mobile devices has exceeded one billion. To achieve this result, it took seven years if taken as a reference point first launch Skype application for the iPhone.


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