Best way for sending money overseas

Sending a cheque is by far the slowest method for sending money within a country or abroad because it can travel for days and weeks before the recipient is able to cash it. This old-fashioned way of sending funds is replaced by various kinds of electronic transfers. You do not need a bank teller and you do not need to sign any papers to withdraw cash from your bank account using your debit or credit card.

WorldOne Forex provides the Money Transfer option through Western Union – the most convenient and dependable setup globally, that brings you peace of mind you deserve. Wire transfers began with Western Union in 1871.

Money Transfer often involves cash, so the sender takes cash into a location and fills out the paperwork to send it to a recipient at another location. The recipient can pick up money with proof of identification. Because the money is accounted for electronically at both the sender’s and the receiver’s locations, the transfer is just an agreement about how each entity should adjust its electronic records. Because of this money transfers are highly regulated and protected by several levels of security.

If you are expecting money transfer from a family, friend or relative, all you need to do is make the phone call to us, and present yourself at our nearest branch with your photo ID and MTCN Number. WorldOne Forex will carry out due verification, get approval from Western Union Money Transfer, and your money will be handed over to you.


Send money the fast, reliable way with WorldOneForex moneytransfer service across the world in any currency.