The 6 pillars of Consumer-2-Business model


Consumer-2-Business, or C2B, is a model based on a business transaction originated by the customer, who establishes the transaction conditions from the start. Instead of responding to1 a specific product or service offer by a company, it’s the customer who makes a proposal and collaborates. It consists in providing an individual offer. It’s consumer professionalization taken to the extreme. It has worked very well in the leisure and tourism industries. At WishGini, we are disrupting by extending this model to all other segments – white goods, services, books, bikes, cars, watches….the possibilities are endless! Our leap of faith is based on the 6 basic principles, or 6 pillars as we at WishGini like to call them, that have stood the test of time:-

  • Direct action
  • Collaborative consumption
  • Detailed segmentation
  • Interaction
  • Reciprocity
  • Bi-directionality.