Mr. Moving – Still going Strong

Founded in 1996 by Joe Minachi, the success of the relocation firm, Mr. Moving, is proof of how a determination to succeed can make any dream possible. The company started with little more than a Ford flat deck truck, but with plenty of hard work and ambition the business was soon going from strength to strength.


After getting off to a strong start, Mr. Moving continued to grow, and in 1998 Jeff Minachi was recruited as a junior member of the team. Just a year later, Jeff was in control of the company and would be responsible for its expansion into the GTA, Ontario and Quebec. With the business thriving, Mr. Moving relocated to North York.

Continued Success

Since its establishment, the company has been regarded as one of the premier moving companies but there is another explanation for Mr. Moving’s continued success: its dedication to exemplary customer care and its expertise in the relocation industry.

Moreover, Mr. Moving has gained a reputation for being a leader and innovator in the relocation sector. The company has always been keen to move with the times in order to meet both its current and future customers’ needs – it is this attitude that has enabled the business to reach so many milestones.

All of these years on, Mr. Moving still remains a nationwide leader in moving, catering for both household and company relocations; its high quality packing services and long distance services also enable Mr. Moving to stand out from the rest.

Dedication to local community

In addition to their professional dedication and expertise, Mr. Moving has always worked to serve the local community and improve the lives of local citizens; it is affiliated with a member of local organizations, including the Ontario Society of Senior Citizens and SAAAC Autism Recovery.

Locally, the company is renowned for the support it gives to vulnerable people, offering discounts to vulnerable groups such as those with disabilities, aboriginal people, non-profits and seniors, as well as the important role it played in the relocation needs of Syrian refugees.

Future Plans

Mr. Moving isn’t a company that takes it success for granted. It continually strives to find ways to drive the business forward while continuing to contribute to the local community. Its future plans involve developing solid working relationships with well-established, high profile companies to further enhance its reputation, and reaching out to future users of its service to learn what it can offer them.

Mr. Moving will also remain dedicated to the local community and it will seek to work with more charities and organizations who can benefit from the company’s assistance.

More than 20 years on from its humble beginnings, Mr. Moving is still going strong, and the company looks forward to serving the community – and providing its expertise – for many years into the future.