New Nutrient Supplement Promotes Improved Brain Functions

A revolutionary new product is making waves in the market as a new age solution for one of the biggest issues of modern hectic life. The modern day world is not conducive for a life free of stress. However, stress can have far-reaching impact people’s lives. Often people complain of fatigue due to stress. What is important to note is that unseen effects of this fatigue on your brain cells. Brain Plus IQ is an advanced vitamin supplement that has been designed to improve your IQ and increase brain focus while dealing with the underlying factor, which is the stress.

The product is based on the driving foundation of a powerful ingredient – the Phosphatidylserine. . It is a type of element called the phospholipids, which is a naturally occurring element in human body. This element helps in the improved neuronal functions and is a main component in the interconnections between the various neurotransmitters. It helps in the smooth functioning of the brain’s control system for the whole body.

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Stress and related effects on the brain functions of individuals has become a huge problem for Malaysia. The products in the Malaysian market are concentrated on using natural ingredients to help with energy levels for individuals but this is the only product in the market that is concentrated on improving the damages incurred on eh brain.

The product helps to increase IQ. It improves short-term memory, especially for people over the age of 40. It helps in increasing focus and concentration, which in turn can help you improve your work-life balance.

The product also has had a pronounced effect in reducing the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Many doctors also recommend the product for alleviating symptoms in patients with mild to advanced states of learning disabilities.

Consistent testing and research has proved the Brainplus IQ side effects tend to be very low to almost nothing. The product is mainly comprised of natural ingredients and it does not use any synthetic enhancers to boost its performance.

About the company

Brain plus IQ Malaysia has launched the sensational new Brain Plus capsules for enhanced IQ. The product is extensively marketed in both Singapore and Malaysia.

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