Linux-applications in Windows 10

Annual Conference Build this time was interesting not only for fans of the Redmond giant, but also for Linux camp members. First, a detailed account of the ability to run the Linux-systems in the Microsoft Azure cloud, which has already been known for some time. And secondly, and most importantly, the Microsoft together with Canonical integrated in Windows 10 is almost a full Ubuntu OS. In Windows Insider builds an opportunity to run Linux binary executables (ELF64). The kernel now has a special layer that translates Linux system calls in Windows calls

The main advantage of this approach – a high rate of non-native code performance and versatility. Previously for this functionality was required or the use of various types of virtualized environments, which naturally led to a decrease in speed and specific issues with how seamlessly link the two systems. Or offer installation ported to Windows Linux-programs that actually led to even greater compatibility issues – part of the software is basically impossible to get to work in Windows without rewriting large parts of the source code.


Now, these problems do not have – on Windows 10 became available the normal Ubuntu environment, that is, it is not just the ability to run Linux-programs, but also access to a variety of additional functions, and access to a huge repository of ready and tested software. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. The developers have done a great job for the correct integration of one OS to another. Due to these and service LXSS Linux-applications receive full access to the NT-kernel, even though they do not “guess” that works on Windows. Naturally, some very specific to the Linux concept is not implemented. However, for comfortable work that is, it is enough. Most importantly, it is now in Windows 10 developers of cloud and server applications available to the native environment, which greatly facilitates the creation of new software, and then deploying it in a suitable medium – for example, in the same cloud, Windows Azure!


To get access to the beta version of Ubuntu in Windows it is necessary to become a member of the program pre-assessment. In the advanced settings Windows Update you need to select early access to assemblies Insider Preview and wait for the installation of the latest version of the OS. Ubuntu is available in build 14316 or later. Windows Subsystem for Linux (Beta) – a new item will appear after you install the update and restart your PC including Windows Components. After installation, the main menu will be available shortcut Bash on Ubuntu on Windows to run the bash shell. A similar command can be performed in the good old cmd and PowerShell. That’s it – now available for Ubuntu environment.

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