Korean video games are rarely massive successes in the west, but something about  Black Desert Silver  is capturing the attentions, and more importantly, dollars, of western gamers. Since its
release earlier this year, it’s already sold 400,000 copies.

It could be that the in-depth character creator is what’s driving sales, with players able to
fully immerse themselves in the MMO world by crafting an avatar that is just like them, or at
least entirely to their custom specifications.

Perhaps it’s the combat, which is far more fast paced than traditional MMO combat, as well as
being simplified down so that you don’t need to learn 30 commands in order to fully confront an

Regardless, the publisher, Daum Games Europe is confident about its continued plans for western
releases, with new content set to show up for free in the coming months. Indeed much like Guild
Wars 2, there is no subscription fee for Black Desert Online and all of its DLC will be release
free to those that buy the game.

“Considering the upward trend, I expect that the game will achieve over one million sales this
year,” Daum Games Europe CEO Min Kim said (via VG247). “What’s impressive is these figures
far exceed those in the domestic market.”

Money too is flowing in from the in-game cash shop, which has as many as 11 percent of all
players throwing at least a few dollars at the game. This is much higher than your average free
to play title, which is saying something considering Black Desert is far from    .