In short, not only is Black Desert Online NA/EU easily hacked

Next up, the   Black Desert Silver  still works. I was able to get top stats after three attempts at these Wizzy RNG stats. Lol yeah, that’s right. This so called “competitive” game makes RNG determine your HP and MP per level. At level 58 (and this gap becomes larger the higher you are), this is HUNDREDS of HP and MP. A guildee has a character with 137 more HP and 193 more MP. Same level, class, and stats otherwise. The screenshots I took were at level 4. Less than 5 minutes of gameplay on each character. This is VERY easy to test, so feel free to do so. Combine it with the fact that inventory slots are not family wide, and you are stuck with the character you picked instead of re-rolling if you used the cash shop. This is very game breaking. Since BDO does not normalize stats, it is a joke for competitive PvP.

In short, not only is Black Desert Online NA/EU easily hacked, MMOG Fails has also revealed to us that stat gain isn’t normalized. I know that, when I play competitive games, I definitely want to be wondering if the stat rolls favored my opponent more than myself.

Additionally, Daum released a new trailer for the Maehwa’s awakening, the spear, which is being added to the Korean version soon. You can find   .