Mrkt360 Has Been Ranked #3 for Growth and Innovationby Google Partner Rewards

19th May, 2016 – Mrkt360 has announced that it has been awarded #3 rank By Google Partner Rewards for their outstanding Growth & Innovation in Toronto. Google Partner Rewards recognizes web agencies that push for innovative solutions and launch exciting campaigns for new clients; this is exactly what Mrkt360 has done for their clients.

This award is one of the biggest recognitions for the company, not only because it has been ranked between all participating Partner agencies in Canada, but also because it validates their commitment and expertise to their clients. The company has been involved in offering high-end & result-oriented digital marketing services right from SEO, PPC, and copywriting to web design services.

Mrkt360 has a team of TDMAs (Trusted Digital Media Advisors) who help their clients to achieve their goals. They analyze their client’s business and offer the most cost-effective solutions to meet their targets. Their team strives to improve the online exposure of their clients by customizing their strategies to their particular needs.

The digital media professionals have the required knowledge and skill to improve online exposure, which has been proven since Toronto, Richmond Hill, and Vaughan have had great success with their services! The company directly communicates with their clients and ensures to offer them the best possible SEO results in the shortestspan of time. Their team also ensures that the website they handle matches Google parameters and performs effectively on the web.

Today, online companies choose Mrkt360,not only because they measuretheir client’s results, but also because they also offer the most suitable solutions to achieve their online objectives.

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Google Partner Rewards:

Google Partner Rewards recognizes web agencies that push for innovative solutions, launch exciting campaigns for new clients, and help others grow their business on the web.

About Mrkt360:

Mrkt360 is an acclaimed SEO company in Toronto that specializes in ethical and affordable SEO services in Canada. With their vast years of online experience, they have helped hundreds of mid-size to small businesses attain top rankings on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.


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