Windows 10 Clean Installation App

The so-called “clean” installation of Windows 10 – a process which sometimes encounter many users. A special way it concerns participant’s insider testing program of the operating system update. As you know the full and “clean” installation, you must seek the help of USB-drive, disk or any other external storage device with the recorded distribution. Thus, the participants testing Windows 10 program, receiving an update on the (Slow Ring), when a new assembly is sent every time a new image, which requires a full installation.




That is why the Microsoft are busy testing the new application, which will not only simplify the installation of Windows 10 “from scratch”, but even make it faster. In a formal address to the participants of insider testing program representative of Microsoft’s development team with the nickname by Jason Microsoft announced that the release of this utility will take place in the very near future.


“Greetings to all participants of the Windows Insider program! Do you want a simple and easy way to start all over again with a clean install using Windows? We are working on a tool that will make it possible!


Currently conducted final testing and inspection, so we want to establish with you a feedback as soon as the program is available for study! ”


Recall, the release of a new build of Windows 10 should take place as early as this week. There is a possibility that the tool to “clean” installation will already be included in it. But it is important to recall that the first program will test the testers. The final version of the tool (name, unfortunately, has not yet named) will be presented in July – as part of the planned large updates.


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