On Finding Maids: Why Trust Maid Provider?

As we all know finding maids can be daunting and frustrating. It takes a lot of your time to make sure that you are hiring the right maid for your home. Moreover, one of the important things you need to consider if they are trustworthy enough to do their job professionally. Of course, you don’t want to hire somebody and entrust something that you are not sure about it. Right? That is why you have to be keen enough when it comes to finding a good one.

There are actually a lot of maid agencies in the Philippines, but why Maid Provider? When it comes to the recruitment process, there are 3 steps in finding the right person. To be a maid, one must 1. Pass their strict standards, 2. Risk-based background investigation and 3. Comprehensive hands-on training. And if one can’t pass these steps, then they are not capable of being a maid.  That is why you don’t have to worry about not finding one since Maid Provider can do it for you.

Moreover, Maid Provider is the only maid agency that implements psychological screening on its maids. This is one way to test of the person is suitable and is capable of doing their respective job. Moreover, a clinical psychological examination is expertly provided by doctors at the Manila Doctors Hospital. This is also to ensure that hiring a maid would be on its good mental state.

Generally, a person cannot be a maid if they haven’t undergone training and seminars on what and what not to do when it comes to their respective jobs. There will also a copy of the most comprehensive yet most practical maid & Yaya training manual out there.  Before you can hire one of them, they will make sure that they are prepared for all the things you require them to do. Basically, the training program consists of how to answer the phone correctly, the right way to do the laundry, doing the first aid, what to do when it comes to fire accidents, the right attitude of being a maid and some other things that would have an excellent maid performance.

What’s more good about Maid Provider is that they allow you to avail two replacements within 3 months from hiring the original maid in any case you are not satisfied with the work performance they gave. Of course, you still get to choose from the same pool of diverse maids. However, if you are disappointed and not satisfied at all with the services Maid Provider offer, then you can also avail replacements within 50 days from request, and they will refund 75% of what you paid.