Devices that Promote Protection against Radiation

Markham, Ontario –Over exposure to electromagnetic radiation causes different body dysfunctions. Hair loss, nerve cell damage, destruction of the thyroid, a decrease in blood lymphocytes, and damage to blood vessels are just some of the effects of certain levels of radiation. How do we get exposed to radiation? Every time we use our phones when making or accepting calls, electromagnetic radiation is readily emitted from it causing waves to transfer to our bodies. Other than that, televisions, laptops, tablets, microwave ovens and baby monitors also emit certain levels of radiation. Aires Technologies ( came up with EMF protection devices that prevent the release of these harmful waves.

Aires Technologies noticed the need for a device that will protect technology users from the harmful effects of radiation. With the dawn of high-tech devices, people are unaware of the consequences of using cell phones, tablets, and cordless phones. This is why EMF protection devices for small units were created to serve as a barrier between user and the gadget. The Aires Shield and Aires Shield Extreme both helps in minimizing or neutralizing electromagnetic radiation coming from small devices. For large devices, the Aires Black Crystal aims to provide the same protection on a larger scale like televisions, microwave ovens, and laptops. The Aires Defender and Aires Defender Infinity acts as an all-around protection device that one can use in any devices or a combination with the other EMF protection devices.

These EMF protection devices are all approved by medical professionals and are patented to acquire maximum protection against harmful invisible waves. Prevention is always better than the cure. In times where health is our top priority, owning some EMF protection devices is the best possible way to prevent prior damages to our body systems.