Is this costume really worth $32 in black desert games?

Black Desert PL  that I’m fairly disappointed because it looked as though Pearl Abyss/ Daum was doing

everything right and while these prices aren’t necessarily final, one truly hopes that they
reconsider. Sure there will be people who try to justify the price with the usual “It means less
people will look the same” or “I’ve tons of money these prices are fine” but that’s largely
besides the point. You don’t have to be rich or fashion conscious to realize these prices are
ridiculous, especially when the game can be purchased for $29.99. That’s all of Black Desert
Online for less than one costume.

From my perspective, $15 or Euros is more than enough for a costume and $5 for a mini-pet.
Encouraging purchases by everyone is, in the long run, a sensible option and would undoubtedly
allow Daum to earn more income based on impulse purchases. But when you’re asking for over $30,
that results in players saving for longer (thus resulting in fewer sales) or simply avoiding a
purchase all together because it isn’t seen as   .