New Experiment – Synthetic grass to beautify your condos

Beautifying the balcony of your Mississauga Condo start up from the floor! Some say that synthetic grass isn’t a good solution for the balcony but if the right format is used, Synthetic grass becomes a good option. It can create the green warmth with a traditional backyard.


  1. Check the format

Unlike artificial turf formats which lay directly on the surface, the tile format is a good one to keep the surface dry. Moreover, the trapping of water is eliminated which puts the building at a risk of mosisture ingress. Moreover, lifting a section that needs maintenance becomes easy for the maintenance staff.

  1. Check the rules of condos

Most condos in Mississauga have rules that spell out what is permitted to be used in the balcony. If the construction project is new, and if you are the 1st one to occupy, then you have to follow them. It is a good practice for checking with the property manager, strata council or council board before the  outdoor flooring project starts. Include a synthetic grass sample and a product specification sheet for ensuring approval of the decision.


  1. Assess the patterns of Traffic

The shape and size of the balcony and the placement of plans and access doors for the outdoor furniture would influence the traffic patterns. Synthetic grass is mainly for residential purpose. For instance, they are best installed in light to moderate areas. As you keep planning and working up the design, artificial grass would look the best.


  1. Know the budget

For several people, the price point is the major attraction of synthetic grass. However, there would be a moderate effect on the budget when the design is mixed with deck tile products such as Tigerwood, Cumaru and Ipe. It can be matched with elegant granite for offering a spectacular look.  The synthetic grass outdoor flooring deck tiles can be interspersed with other finishes for creating seating areas, borders or accents.  Grass adds to lot of design options and makes sure that you end up with a beautiful condo balcony, which would look just look like a perfect option.


Thus, when you are designing the balcony of Condos in Mississauga, consider opting for a variety of layouts. Yes, convenient and efficient planning is definitely quite essential. However, let us not forget that clients and buyers would see what looks it has from inside. Thus, considering the perfect design for balconies is essential to avoid being ended up in a condo that looks so boring. Even while selecting an apartment building, if there are no proper balconies, consider it as a big NO. This is quite boring and tends to make everything so dull. Balconies are nice outdoor places within the home for enjoying!

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