3D Printing Materials Market – Global Industry Size, Share, Growth and Forecast 2014 – 2021

3D printing materials are the resources used in the additive process of creating 3D objects. 3D printing materials include plastics, metals and ceramics. The method uses a 3D printer and simple design software such as CAD. 3D printing is simple yet powerful. The choice of particular 3D materials is very important, as the final product has to be practically executed.

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Carbon fibre, electrically conductive materials, silicone, biomaterials, regolith, and graphene are the emerging 3D printing materials. 3D printing materials find applications in consumer, industrial, aerospace, defense, automotive, medical & dental and education field. Commonly manufactured products include automotive parts, satellite parts, metal crowns aero jets etc.

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Different forms of 3D printing materials are filament, powder, liquid. Techniques employed for the production of 3D materials include thermoplastic extrusion, stereolithography (SLA), direct light polymerization (DLP), ink-jetting photopolymers, SLS, SLM and EBM, blown powder, welding, and ink-jetting binders. Disruptive technologies include thermoplastic recycling, metalysis, selective deposition lamination (SDL) and magnetohydrodynamics.

Market Report Analysis :

Consumers and industry are the leading end-users of the global 3D printing materials market. Plastics are the leading 3D printing materials, followed by metals. Within plastics, ABS & PLA find maximum application. Usable metals include titanium, silver, nickel and gold. Metals are expensive but the prices are expected to reduce in future. The demand for ceramics materials are expected to grow rapidly in the forecast period.

Best Region Of Markets :

North America leads the global 3D printing materials market, followed by Europe. Only a few keys players including 3D Systems Inc., Stratasys Ltd., Arcam AB and ExOne GmbH dominate the global market for 3D printing materials.


A. 3D Printing Materials By Types :

1. Plastics
2. Metals
3. Ceramics

B. 3D Printing Materials By Applications :

1. Consumer & Industrial
2. Automotive
3. Medical & Dental
4. Education

C. 3D Printing Materials By Forms :

1. Filament
2. Powder
3. Liquid

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3D Printing Materials