Windows 10 will soon Remove Wi-fi Sense Key Elements

One of the key elements of the Wi-Fi Sense will soon disappear from Windows 10. “We have removed the possibility of Wi- Fi access of Sense, allowing you to share wireless networking with your contacts and automatically connect to networks that your contacts have shared” , –  wrote by the senior developer of Microsoft Gabe Owl (Gabe Aul) in the description of a new insider preview version of the operating system. “The cost of updating the code in order to continue this function in view of lack of use, and low demand has made it not worth further development.” 


Wifi Sense Element


Function Wi-Fi of Sense originally appeared on the Windows Phone, and after processing has been added in Windows 10. This feature allows you to automatically connect to open access points, and to share Wi-Fi passwords with people in your contact list. Some experts from the security sector have expressed concern about the fact that Windows 10 will automatically connect to open access points, but Microsoft still decided to leave the function of the operating system.


As for the possibility of sharing passwords, many people have misunderstood its meaning and thought that the default operating system sends all the contacts saved passwords. However, even when Microsoft explained the situation, it was found that the function used very rarely.


Function completely disappears from the Windows 10 upgrade after the release of the anniversary, which will be held in late July. Meanwhile, it was removed only from the preview version of the operating system, which is also a web browser notification Edge have been added and the ability to move back and forward in a browser using the swipe.

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