Report : Biopesticides Market Size, Share, Growth, Segmentation’s and Revenue Forecasts 2014 to 2021

Biopesticides are naturally derived pesticides based on microorganisms or natural products. Biopesticides market is emerging market, which can be a huge competition to the synthetic pesticides market. These pesticides achieve pest management in an eco-friendly way. The three major classes of biopesticides are microbial pesticides, biochemical pesticides and plant-incorporated protectants (PIPs).

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Global biopesticides market is segmented by active ingredients as microbial and biorationals. Crop types segment this market into permanent crops and arable crops. Global biopesticides market by types can be segmented as Bioinsecticide, Biofungicide, Bioherbicide and Bioinematicide. Liquid-Based Formulation, Water Dispersible Granules, Wettable Powder, and Pellets are the various formulations of the biopesticides. Seed treatment, on farm and post harvest are the major applications in the global biopesticides market.

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The major driving factor for the market is the need for pre-treatment of crops for protection and the growth of organic food market. The global concern of bioaccumulation due to use of chemical pesticides is also a factor contributing to the growth. Moreover, government’s acceptance to use and promote its use has also benefitted the market. Farmers in some regions are still unaware of benefits of biopesticides. However, innovative marketing strategies and ongoing research to optimize the manufacturing cost may prove competition to the synthetic pesticides market.

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North America holds the largest share in the global biopesticides market. Europe biopesticides market is expected to be the prospective growth market for the forecast period. However, Asia Pacific and Latin America to prove as potential competitors in the global biopesticides market for the forecast period.


A. Biopesticides By Active Ingredient :

1. Microbial
2. Biorationals

B. Biopesticides By Crop Type :

1. Permanent Crops
2. Arable Crops

C. Biopesticides By Types :

1. Bioinsecticide
2. Biofungicide

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