Light Weapons- Most Ubiquitous Automatic Weapons in the World

AK-47_type_II_Part_DM-ST-89-01131Small arms and Light Weapons (SALW) refers to two different classes of weapons. Small arms refer to the kind of weapons designed solely for individual use whereas, light weapons includes arms designed to be used by a crew of two or three persons. According to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), small arms are weapons intended for use by an individual and include rifles, pistols, assault rifles, submachine guns, and light machine guns. On the other hand, light weapons are used by two or more persons serving as a crew and include grenade launchers, heavy machine guns, anti-aircraft guns, mortars, and anti-tank guns. All these light weapons are less than 100 mm in caliber.

Light Weapons Market-

Defense Sector to Dominate Demand from Global Small Arms and Light Weapons Market

Small arms and light weapons are cheap and easy to handle, conceal and transport. The United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs notes that small arms and light weapons have become the weapons of choice in civil wars and for organized crime, terrorism, and gang warfare. While military and law enforcement agencies across the globe are fuelling the global small arms and light weapons market, illegal trading of small arms in sensitive regions has emerged as a major challenge faced by the market. 3D printing guns and corner shot rifles is the latest trend in the market. 3D printed guns are untraceable during any security checks, which has increased its demand among terrorists and criminals. Corner shot rifles let a combatant fire without actually facing the target.

U.S. and Israel are the key regional segments of the global small arms and light weapons market. However, in the near future, Asia Pacific is expected to emerge as a prominent region in the market. The Middle East is another major contributor to the global small arms and light weapons market due to the political instability, civil unrest, domestic terrorism, and tensions between Iraq and the neighboring Gulf states. Further, the ongoing conflict in Syria has propelled the demand for small arms and light weapons. There is a huge demand of Small Arms and Light Weapons in Syria

Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) Market – Key Players

Some of the major players in the market are: Heckler & Koch GmBH, General Dynamics Corporation, FN Herstal, S.A., Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc., SIG SAUER GmbH & Co., Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC, Carl Walther GmbH, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Glock Ges. m.b.H., Browning Arms Company and Beretta S.p.A.