Consider divorce mediation in Connecticut to resolve any disputes with your former partner

Old Saybrook, Connecticut – No matter how much couples may not want to think about the possibility when they first get married, divorce is an increasingly common issue in modern society, so it is important that it is handled in the right way. Going to court to battle your former spouse is often not a desirable option, especially if there are children involved, plus it can cost an awful lot of time and money just to achieve a resolution that is often inflexible and doesn’t take the needs of both parties into account.

This has led to the rise of alternative dispute resolution, with Saybrook Mediation Service ( being one of the leading providers of divorce mediation in Connecticut. Their team is able to offer a safe, secure and above all else, neutral environment that will allow former partners to air their grievances, discuss the emotional issues caused by the divorce and handle all of the legal obligations related to the process without having to get involved in a protracted court battle.

Furthermore, one of the biggest advantages that divorce mediation in Connecticut offers is the increased level of flexibility in terms of the resolutions reached at the end of the process. Personal circumstances are taken into account and an environment is created whereby each party can understand the needs of the other, allowing them to work together to reach a resolution to suits all involved.

So if you would prefer to avoid the often-antagonistic and difficult situation that conducting your divorce through the courts can create, contact Saybrook Mediation Service today to enquire about divorce mediation in Connecticut. The team will be more than happy to provide you with all of the information that you need to determine if alternative dispute resolution is right for you, in addition to arranging a consultation so you can get to know your mediator in person before you start working with them.

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Saybrook Mediation Service was founded to provide alternative dispute resolution options to people in the state of Connecticut. Christina has specialized in the field for more than fifteen years and is capable of providing impartial mediation in neutral surroundings for all her clients, particularly in areas of family law where amicable agreements are often preferable to overdrawn court cases.

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