The Super Supplement That Boosts Brain Capacity-Brain Plus IQ

Brain plus IQ is a revolutionary new product launched in Singapore, which is designed to help with the proper functionality of the brain. Now customers have access to a super supplement in the market, which delivers improved brainpower and lesser fatigue levels without additional synthetic ingredients. This approach has not been taken by any other supplement available for fatigue or memory power in the market.

The website is quite comprehensive about the details on how the product works. The product uses natural ingredients, which can be absorbed by the brain and spinal tissues. These ingredients help fire the neurotransmitters in the brain responsible for the proper cognitive functions in the body. It is a common knowledge that brain cells keep dying each year above 30. The product is designed to combat the issues of low density of cells in the brain.

The product shows a marked improvement in energy levels for people above the age of 40. This is also associated with sharper mental focus which is absent in many other energy pills. The website dedicated to the product has complete information on the product. The product claims to be made up of purely natural ingredients, which helps in improving your cognitive faculties but also does so without any margin for side effects.

Users have claimed that the capsule does not cause any sleep apnoeas, which often is fallout of using memory pills or medications to alter energy levels.

The product is also designed to amplify short-term memory. Often people above the age range of 40-50 find they are increasingly forgetful of everyday life. The product is designed to help these people regain energy and clarity of thought process. They also find an enhanced short-term memory power.

The quoted Brain plus IQ price according to the website as well as other dealers in the market is extremely affordable which reduces the strain of maintaining this product as part of a routine.

About the company

The BrainPlusIQ website has a huge range of information on the brain plus capsules. The website is guaranteed to answer all your questions regarding the use and effects of the pill. For more information on the product and its uses, visit

Brain Plus IQ
Address: Pulau Jong, Singapore