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Are you ready to make to take that next step in your relationship? Has that special moment arrived in your life? Golden Nugget Jewelers is known for its high quality jewelry and superior service specializing in loose stones and engagement rings. Our consultants are well trained in the 4 C’s – carat, cut, color and clarity – and they will help you choose that perfect ring that symbolizes your commitment to your future. For almost thirty years, Golden Nugget Jewelers has been committed to providing exceptional quality jewelry at affordable prices. Golden Nugget Jewelers is a family owned business that has a jeweler on site that can repair and clean jewelry while you wait and every engagement ring purchase receives a written appraisal. Golden Nugget provides exceptional service and has a stunning collection where you will find a ring that will reflect the brilliance of the woman you love. 

Golden Nugget Jewelers focuses on providing quality pieces to help celebrate the important milestones in your life. Golden Nugget also carries many options to commemorate future occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays so you will never have to search for the perfect gift. Golden Nugget Jewelers is delighted to offer some of the most luxurious brands from around the world and is an authorized retailer of A. Jaffe Engagement Rings. A. Jaffe respects the old world craftsmanship and traditions that they have followed since they were founded in New York in 1892. Over a century later, they continue to provide the unrivaled quality of their brand to the world. The beauty of A. Jaffe Engagement Rings offers a simple statement of unique beauty that will make your loved one feel like a princess. A. Jaffe offers many options including designs from the Art Deco and Seasons of Love collections as well as the Metropolitan and the Classics collections. Whatever your taste, A. Jaffe collections has a look for you. Shop A. Jaffe Engagement Rings for an exceptional selection that focuses on classic elegance, vintage glamour and modern style. 

Golden Nugget Jewelers carries many famous designers as well as fine watch lines that provides a wide selection of gift ideas that will make your loved ones eyes shine with delight. Let our high trained staff provide you a personalized and memorable experience that you will never forget. Golden Nugget Jewelers takes pride in providing high quality merchandise and exceptional customer service to its loyal customers.




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