Luxury Packaging Market : Global Industry Size, Share, Trends, and forecasts 2014 to 2021

Luxury packaging is high quality materials used for packaging, finishing and decorating high-end products. These products include cosmetics & fragrances, tobacco, confectionery, premium alcoholic drinks, gourmet food & drinks, watches and jewellery. Therefore, luxury packaging has a broad range of end-user industries like food & beverages, FMCG, household products and pharmaceuticals.

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Different materials used for luxury packaging include paperboard, glass, metal, plastic, textiles, leather and wood. Glass followed by paperboards and plastics are the major products segments used for the production of luxury packaging. In addition, cosmetics and fragrances are the biggest end user of luxury packaging, followed by alcoholic drinks and tobacco.

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Aesthetic appeal is one of the major driving forces of the global luxury packaging market. Companies frequently add innovative products to their product line to be noticeable in the competitive market. The compliance to environmental standards set by EPA and other agencies is very essential these days. Hence, many of the recent products have been designed to not pose any threat to human health or environment along with having the aesthetic appeal. In this regard, sustainable luxury packaging is the new trend these days.

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However, the reduced demand of glass as luxury packaging can affect the growth of the global luxury packaging market. This can be attributed to the heavy weight and brittle nature of glass. In contrast, the demand for plastics and paperboards is rising. Besides, active research is being carried out to produce more sustainable, lightweight luxury packaging. All of these factors can contribute to an overall growth of the global luxury packaging market.

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Europe leads the global luxury packaging market in terms of both demand and production followed by North America and Asia Pacific. China is fast emerging as a leader in the Asia Pacific region. Key players in global luxury packaging market include Amcor, Design Packaging, Crown Holdings, International Paper, BC Boncar, Meadwestvaco, Owen-Illinois, Benson Group, Ardagh Group, Aropack, Bag & Pack, Curtis Packaging and Dupont.


A. Luxury Packaging By Materials :

1. Paperboard
2. Glass
3. Metal
4. Plastic

B. Luxury Packaging By End-Use :

1. Cosmetics And Fragrances
2. Tobacco
3. Confectionery
4. Premium Alcoholic Drinks

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