Vender, An App Specifically Developed for the Salespeople

Empowering the sales industry one lead at a time

Launched on January 26, 2016, the Vender App (or Vender) mainly aspires to become the go-to productivity tool for the salespeople. Through the use of Vender, a salesperson will not unnecessarily waste another lead again.

For any business, customer acquisition is critical. Customers are the lifeblood of a business; thus, the business won’t thrive if there are no new leads entering the pipeline. About 80% of a firm’s future revenue will come from the existing customers. Making the matters worse, attracting a new prospect will cost a firm five times more compared to keeping an existing customer.

Knowing these figures, this means a company must ensure that new leads are generated on a continuous basis and in a cost-effective manner. The pressure is on the sales team. Not only that, the leads must be quality leads that can be nurtured into a profitable relationship. Vender is the right tool for this.

One of the most pressing issues that salespeople face is identifying which leads are worthy of pursuing and which are not. The value of Vender lies in its capability in keeping track of a prospect’s value.

Vender acts as a depository of prospect information. It allows the user to put all the prospect-related data within the app itself. Users simply need to log the sales activities for a particular prospect. Each activity can be put into a schedule so you get things done on the dot. In this regard, the user may also view the communication history with that lead.

Not missing an opportunity, a prominent feature of Vender is the segregation-capable inbox. The inbox separates the leads in terms of their value, that is low-value versus high-value leads. Thus, it prompts the salesperson to focus his attention and energy working on the latter instead of the former.

Other than that, Vender has an inclusive notification feature. Its notification system lets the user view the numbers of leads that are needing his attention in an instant.

Vender is available for download online. It has separate versions for iOs (Apple Store) and Android (Google Play Store) users. The download is free. A download includes an unlimited number of leads, activity logs, lead and task scheduler, and communicator.

For a more streamlined sales process, Vender Premium can help in closing more sales. The premium version unlocks more useful features. These are a customizable funnel, cloud sync and backup, and visual reports. A premium user will get these on top of the above-mentioned freemium features.

Currently, Vender is in version 1.2. The app is developed by Optimind Technology Solutions.