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Sometimes you come across something that changes the way you think about the world. And you see a potential in things that you have never seen before. Art is something that inspires people all over the world. You see paintings hanging up in museums. And people go to visit them every day. One of the kinds of art you may not have thought of as being art is jewelry. Some jewelry is made just to add a little sparkle. But some of it is to push art to the limit. And it may not be something you wear every day. But it’s something unique. Bvlgari Watches for Women is that kind of jewelry. It can be found at Dejaun Jewelers in Los Angeles.

There are a couple of designs that catch the eye. One of the styles of the watches features a watch that looks like a snake. It’s called the Serpenti Incantati collection. Instead of fastening around the wrist using a clasp, this watch swirls around your arm like a pet snake might do. Inside the snake’s mouth is the actual face of the watch. Another creative watch has 12 numbers like an ordinary watch. But instead of spacing the numbers at equal intervals around the watch face, only about two thirds of the circumference of the face is used to keep time.

You can get inspired easily when you come across art. Someone may have an idea that is not in your area. And you can bring something like that to your area. Nature is a good place to find ideas of designs, just like the snake watch. People like to think of unusual places to put something. It makes good art. Aircraft is something people are interested in. Cars are designed that look like planes. In Colorado there is a church with walls that look like it is made of fighter jets. Van Gogh did that with his paintings. They have swirls in them that you wouldn’t expect to be there. In business, there are shops that you might find in one city that you wish existed where you lived. It could be a nutrition supplement store. Or it might be the coffee shops from Italy that came to the United States. Maybe that’s why Steve Jobs said that good artists copy and the great ones steal.

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