How to Set Default Browser in Windows 7?

Despite the fact that you can use multiple browsers at the same time on your computer in Windows, the default browser that opens when you click on links in your email and documents. And, often, this browser does not meet your preferences. There are many different solutions to this issue. Of course it is best to consult a specialist – and to eliminate all desired programs and change browser. But if you decide to do it all yourself, then here are some simple steps to change your default browser.

1) Select “Programs

2) If “Program” is missing in the Display Options, select “Categories

3) Next, click on “Default Programs





4) Open the Start menu and select Control Panel.

5) Next, select “Set your Default programs”





After a short wait to load the list of installed programs. Select the desired browser, click on “Set this program as default.” And you needed to program for a computer, you can always download on the website, which brings together the most popular programs. Thus, you will reduce the search time and to ensure the security of your computer from malicious viruses.