Nizona Corporations Organized Business Trip Package for Private Brand Manufacturing

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NJBT 2016Invitation to business trip package for sourcing and private brand manufacturing of Made in Japan foods, supplements, healthcare, cosmetics & nutraceutical products.


11th May 2016

The leading suppliers in private brand manufacturing and OEM Products of Made in Japan foods, supplements, healthcare, cosmetic & nutraceutical products, “Nizona Corporation” Announcing and inviting you to the upcoming event Nizona Japan Business Tour (NJBT) 2016 Starting from 16th October to 19th October.

As japan is world famous for its excellence and quality in the manufacturing of healthcare products. However, for busy business people around the world, it is troublesome to pre-arrange and organize the logistics of a truly efficient business trip. For responding the above scenario Nizona Corporation like to cordially invite you to the most efficient procurement and OEM manufacturing business trip package in Japan through the ‘Nizona Japan Business Tour’ (NJBT).

Principal Purpose of this Business Tour –

  • Exhibition and sampling of appx. 80-to-100 healthcare, beauty and wellness food and drink supplements
  • Presentations from about 8 manufacturers of about 30 to 40 products
  • 2 Factory tours visit
  • Business consultation meetings (one-to-one private consultation and negotiations)
  • Focus on your brand name i.e. PRIVATE BRANDING
  • Interpretation support (English-Japanese)
  • Airport Transfers (Pick up and Drop off)
  • Domestic transportation
  • Enjoy Japanese culture and beautiful KOBE!

The NJBT also allows you to efficiently organize your visit to Japan. Meet all the relevant parties of the entire supply chain in Japan. Ask all the business, technical, regulatory and commercial questions face to face to those who have the authoritative answer. Witness how your products will be made. Do it privately in a closed event setting. Mingle with like-minded attendees from all over the world. Evaluate about 100 products at once, witness their source, do it at once to several companies in a single visit. Last but not least: Enjoy Japanese culture!

About Nizona Corporation
NIZONA offers high quality Japanese products in ‘Your brand’ while taking care of all challenges. The product lines include: Functional Foods, Nutraceuticals, Collagen products, Wellness and Dietary Supplements, Skincare Supplements and Cosmetics. Nizona’s continued aim is to “unveil the secret of Japanese health, longevity, beauty and share it with the world”. The NJBT is an exclusive platform to facilitate your visit to Japan through a totally pre-arranged schedule package. The purpose is introducing ‘Made in Japan’ private label beauty, health supplements, anti-aging, skin care supplements, cosmetics, immunity building, collagen products, health and slimming products, from their source in our Japanese manufacturing facilities.