Focus On Modified Atmosphere Packaging Market and Industry Development Research Report 2014 to 2021

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is used to extend the shelf life of a product. The atmosphere (space) within the packaging is modified, such as oxygen is replaced by inert gases like nitrogen, or it is filled with gases like carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide. It prevents microbial degradation and preserves the food and/or its color & taste. Products like convenience food, seafood, poultry, meat products, bakery and confectionery, fruits, vegetables, dairy products etc are packaged using modified atmospheric packaging (MAP).

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Polyethylene, polyamide, ethylene vinyl alcohol, oriented ethylene-terephthalate, etc. are the materials used for the manufacturing modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). The various technologies utilized for the production of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) include deep-drawing machine, horizontal & vertical flow packaging machine, tray sealer machine, vacuum chamber machine and bag sealing machines.

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The ability of modified atmosphere package to increase the shelf life without using chemical preservatives has made it more competitive in the packaging industry. Rising demand of convenience foods, seafood, poultry and meat products, dairy products has lead to an increased demand of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). Improved quality of packaging has also helped the market grow. Centralized distribution is benefitting both retailers and consumers. The top players in the market primarily drive growth. However, the rising prices of both the raw materials and finished products may hinder the growth of global modified atmosphere packaging market. However, cost optimization at every value addition step especially the input level can tackle this problem.

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North America leads the global modified atmosphere packaging market in terms of both demand and production followed by Asia-Pacific and Europe. Within Europe, Germany is experiencing a very fast growth in its Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) market.


A. Modified Atmosphere Packaging By Application :

1. Convenience Food
2. Seafood, Poultry, & Meat Products
3. Bakery And Confectionary
4. Fruits And Vegetables
5. Dairy Products

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Modified Atmosphere Packaging