How Android Phone Quickly Discharged?

Sooner or later, almost every owner of a smart-phone on Android is faced with the fact that the volume of the accumulator, which previously lacked a head, and now is not enough. The battery depletes quickly in standby mode, the remaining percentage is displayed incorrectly charging the phone sometimes spontaneously reboots – all this testifies to the battery problems. The problem is, and about the ways of solving it often have no idea. User blames the system and installs all kinds of no avail “Battery Economy” and other programs that promise to solve all the problems with the battery, but the battery continues to be discharged quickly. Before taking any action, you need to understand what exactly was the reason for the sharp decrease in the time of the phone and quickly discharge the battery.


The problem must be sought in the system: a set of running applications, and too much brightness of the display – the main enemies of precious MAH.


Usually for about a year, battery becomes worse because of several charge attempts- so this is also the reason battery drains quickly. It should be understood that the specifics of Li-Ion-batteries means charging them only after they are fully discharged. You cannot charge the device when it still has a decent percentage of charge, it is better to wait until it will be about 10%, and only then put on a charge – if follow this rule constantly, the battery will maintain its nominal volume at a much longer period.


The same applies to the incorrect display of charging interest. Familiar with the situation when the indicator of 30% or more and the device will turn off after ten minutes. The reason for that worn light running analogue principle and does not tolerate charging the battery before it is fully discharged. Of course, the indicator can be replaced or removed altogether, but this procedure makes sense only if it is a very large or exotic battery that cannot simply be changed.


If the phone is brand new battery and it definitely OK, the problem is to look at the system itself. The total consumption of the battery is made up of two things: hardware-software-consumption and consumption. The first group includes: the brightness and duration of the operation of the display, vibration motor, and the flash on the camera. The second activity of applications in the waking and sleep mode and the use of GPS and Internet networks. To understand which applications consume the most charge, take a look at the settings:


For example, this screenshot is well understood that the main interest rate falls on the “Google Play Services” screen and a natural flow. In this case, it is logical in any way to stop the activity of voracious applications and lower the screen brightness.


Google Play Battery Draining


If after reviewing this list on your device is found that all applications to consume about the same and each of them are used continuously, it is necessary to move the fight against prescription in the startup applications. To do this, you need to find your smart-phone roughly the summary:


This list of currently running applications. Each of them consumes energy and uses the RAM. Do you want to run all of them? Of course not, it is necessary to get rid of excess: a long press on the line with unnecessary application calls the context menu and chooses “complete the process”. So you need to do as often as possible, to know what applications work and which one is not working. Doing this manually is quite a chore. To automate this cleaning can install any type of application “Battery Saving” or the popular “CCleaner” – they allow you to select a list of applications that can and cannot be running in the background when the app is launched, the program immediately completes it – this process is much more economical than a dozen operating in the background of the application.


If after removing unnecessary applications from background longevity is still not satisfied, you can go for a radical solution to the problem. Reduce the brightness to a minimum – the most effective step that allows you to extend the length of the active operation of the device for a few hours. offers Live Technical Support 24×7

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